Most people who are arrested have an idea of what crime they are being accused of committing. But, they won’t know what criminal charges have been filed against them at the time of their arrest. When will you find out what criminal charges you are facing? Here’s what you should expect:

What Happens After An Arrest

A report that summarizes your arrest will be sent to the prosecutor shortly after you are taken into custody. The report will include a lot of information, including the date and time of the arrest, the events leading up to the arrest, and whether or not witnesses were present. The prosecutor will then review the report and decide whether or not to file charges.

If the prosecutor does not want to file charges, the case will be dismissed. If the prosecutor wants to file charges, he will need to determine which charges are appropriate. After the prosecutor decides which charges to file, the defendant will be informed of the charges he faces during his arraignment.

When Does the Arraignment Take Place?

The judge will officially notify the defendant of the charges that have been filed against him during the arraignment hearing. This is usually the defendant’s first court appearance after his arrest. After learning what crimes he is accused of committing, the defendant will be asked to enter a plea for each charge filed against him.

The arraignment should take place within two to three days after the defendant is arrested. Because the arraignment must occur within this two to three day window, prosecutors must quickly make decisions regarding which charges should be filed against the defendant.

Can Changes Be Made to the Charges?

It’s important to note that the charges filed against you may or may not change at some point in your case. For example, if new evidence is discovered prior to the trial, the prosecutor can make adjustments to the existing charges. The charges will also change if a plea deal is accepted. It is common for prosecutors to agree to reduce the charges filed against the defendant in exchange for a guilty plea.

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