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The Reisch Law Firm is a litigation company based in Westminster, Colorado focusing on personal injury and criminal defense cases. Our dedicated attorneys bring decades of experience and thousands of court appearances for the main objective: seek justice for injured people and their families and help to defend individuals who have been involved in criminal charges.

We selectively pick the cases which we work on, so that we could provide each and every client with the proper attention for his situation. We work hard to investigate thoroughly each and every case and present the final facts.

About Westminster Attorneys of the Reisch Law Firm

R. Scott Reisch - Reisch Law FirmScott Reisch  – Started his legal career in the military, where he served as military prosecutor and defense council, representing Marines being charged with various crimes. After his active duty, Mr. Reisch founded Reisch Law Firm, and has been representing individuals and corporations accused with criminal charges as well as dealing with personal injury and aviation litigation cases.

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If you or a dear one got injured in an accident, are having insurance disputes or are facing criminal charges in Denver or in the state of Colorado - contact our Denver personal injury attorneys NOW for a free case evaluation and initial consultation. Time is of the essence. Let our experienced lawyers fight for your justice.