Truck and Bus Accidents

Trucks and buses are much larger than standard passenger vehicles. As a result, accidents involving a truck or bus and a standard-sized vehicle can lead to a significant amount of property damage and even worse, catastrophic injuries.

If you have been injured in a truck or bus accident, it’s important to consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. These cases are complex and your attorney may need time to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident before he can help you recover compensation.


Proving Truck Accident Liability

There are a number of different parties that may be liable for a truck accident, including the truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer, owner of the cargo, and mechanic. It’s possible that more than one of these parties is liable, which complicates the process even further.

Contact a truck accident attorney at Reisch Law Firm immediately following the collision so he can begin investigating the case. An attorney may need to consult with accident reconstruction experts or interview witnesses to gather evidence. In some cases, an attorney may also need to subpoena the trucking company to gain access to personnel records, maintenance logs, and the data contained in the truck driver’s black box. Personnel records will show whether the truck driver had a history of negligence, while maintenance logs will help an attorney determine if the truck was properly maintained at the time of the accident. Finally, the black box will show if the truck driver was driving recklessly in the moments leading up to the accident.

Proving liability in a truck accident case is no easy feat, which is why you should rely on the experienced attorneys at Reisch Law Firm.

Regional Transportation District (RTD) Bus Accidents

Many bus accidents involve Regional Transportation District (RTD) buses, which are those owned and operated by local government entities. If you have been involved in this type of accident, you will need to contact an attorney immediately. The law states that if you plan on filing a claim against a government entity or employee, you must do so within 180 days. The at-fault party must be served with a notice that contains the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • A description of the events that occurred
  • The contact information of the government employee(s) involved
  • A description of the injuries you have sustained
  • A statement describing the amount of compensation that you plan on seeking

You should not send this notice until you have hired a bus accident attorney to help you with your claim. Making a mistake in the submission of this notice could impact your ability to collect compensation, so let an attorney guide you through this process.

Help is Available For Truck and Bus Accident Victims

There are legal complexities involved in both bus and truck accident cases, so you will  need to be represented by an experienced team of attorneys if you want to recover the compensation that you deserve. To schedule a consultation with the team of skilled personal injury attorneys at Reisch Law Firm, contact 303-291-0555 today.

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