Domestic Violence

Contrary to popular believe, domestic violence is not an actual crime that you can be charged with in the state of Colorado. Domestic violence refers to a violent or threatened act of violence between two or more people who have a close relationship with one another. If you have committed an act of domestic violence, you will face an enhanced sentence for the other crimes that you also have committed.

For example, if you physically harm someone, you would normally face charges of assault. However, if you have an intimate relationship with this person, it is considered domestic violence. Therefore, you would face other penalties in addition to those that you would normally face for just the assault charge. 

When is a Crime Considered to be Domestic Violence?

In Colorado, domestic violence charges are often added to assault, stalking, and menacing charges. In order for domestic violence to be added to the charges that you face, the crime must involve someone that you share an intimate relationship with, including your:

  • Spouse
  • Former spouse
  • Current or former girlfriend or boyfriend
  • The father or mother of your children

Domestic violence can also be added to your charges if you committed a crime with the intent to control, punish, intimidate, or seek revenge against a person on the list above. For example, if you commit the crime of child abuse, domestic violence may be added to your charges if you hurt the child to seek revenge against the child’s mother.

Consequences of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is unique in a few different ways. First, police officers must arrest you if you are suspected of committing domestic violence. Because Colorado is a mandatory arrest state, this is true even in the event that the victim does not want to press charges.

Second, a domestic violence arrest immediately leads to a mandatory restraining order that the defendant must comply with. Again, even if the victim does not want a restraining order, it will be issued and the defendant must comply with the terms. If you live with the victim, a mandatory restraining order means that you won’t be allowed into your own home after an arrest. This puts many defendants in a tough spot with nowhere to go and no one to turn to after being accused of domestic violence.

The penalties that you will face will vary greatly depending on the crime. Any one who is convicted of a crime involving domestic violence may be prohibited from owning a firearm, may have to complete a domestic violence program, and may be sentence to pay a fine or complete a jail sentence.

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