The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that around 17.3% of all traumatic brain injuries are sustained in car accidents. Sadly, many of these brain injuries are fatal. In fact, the CDC reports that car accidents are the leading cause of fatal brain injuries in the U.S.

There is no way to completely eliminate the risk of being being involved in a car accident. However, there are steps to take to reduce your risk of a brain injury in the event you are ever in a collision. Protect yourself with these tips:

Adjust the Seat

You should get in the habit of adjusting your car seat every time you get into a car. Why? The positioning of the seat could affect how well you are protected from traumatic brain injuries in the event of a crash.

Start by sliding the seat forward until your knees are slightly bent. Sit all the way back in your seat and lean your head back to see where the headrest makes contact with your body. The top of your head should be close to level with the very top of the headrest. If it’s not, the headrest cannot protect your head in a crash. It doesn’t matter whether you are a driver or a passenger–make these adjustments before the car is in motion.

Wear Seat Belts Correctly

The seat belt cannot protect you from traumatic brain injuries if you are not wearing it correctly. Before hitting the road, make sure the shoulder belt is crossing over your body at your collarbone. Then, check the lap belt to ensure it is sitting at your hips, not your stomach. Finally, pull on both the shoulder and lap belts to see if they are too tight or too loose. Make any necessary adjustments now so you are protected if you are involved in a car accident.

Move the Steering Wheel

If you are the driver, check the positioning of the steering wheel before starting the engine. The steering wheel should ideally be facing your chest instead of your face. This will reduce your risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury as a result of hitting your head on the steering wheel.

Following these tips will not prevent all car accident injuries, but they can greatly reduce your risk of suffering severe traumatic brain injuries in a crash.

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