Police officers often arrest people when they are caught in the act of committing a crime. For example, if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol, he can be arrested if an officer pulls him over and believes he is intoxicated. However, some arrests are not made at the same time the crime was committed. Before making this type of arrest, law enforcement must seek an arrest warrant. When do police obtain arrest warrants? Here’s what you should know:

When Police Seek Arrest Warrants

Police officers seek arrest warrants any time they believe they have gathered enough evidence to prove that someone has committed a crime. For instance, if an assault victim names her assailant in a police report, the police may request an arrest warrant based on this evidence.

How to Obtain An Arrest Warrant

If a police officer suspects that someone is involved in a criminal activity, he can request an arrest warrant from a judge. The request must include a written affidavit that outlines the evidence that proves the suspect is involved in criminal activity. The judge will authorize the suspect’s arrest if he believes there is probable cause that a crime was committed and the suspect was involved.

What Happens After A Warrant is Issued

Many arrest warrants authorize law enforcement to arrest a suspect at a specific location during certain hours of the day. For example, the warrant may specify that the police can only arrest someone at his home between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If the arrest warrant involves a serious crime such as murder, the police are usually given broader authority to make the arrest. For example, the police may have the right to break down your door in order to arrest you.

However, if the crime is not as serious, the arrest is usually made whenever you make contact with the police. For instance, let’s say there is a warrant out for your arrest. If you are pulled over speeding, it is very likely the police officer will take you into custody after pulling up your information and seeing the warrant.

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