People who are convicted of crimes can face a number of different penalties, including probation. This alternative sentence gives defendants the opportunity to avoid incarceration as long as they comply with the terms of their probation for a specified period of time. Probationers must follow certain court-ordered rules during their probation period, but what happens after they complete probation? Here’s what to expect at the end of probation:

How to Determine When Probation is Over

Every defendant will be informed of the length of their probation during their sentencing. If a probationer violates the terms of the probation, the court has the option of extending the probationary period. But otherwise, the probation will come to an end after the probationer has completed the sentence. Once probation is over, the probationer is no longer required to comply with the terms of probation. If you’re unsure of the details of your probation, feel free to ask your attorney or probation officer for help.

Some probationers can apply for an early termination of their probation. When deciding whether or not to grant an early termination, the court will consider many factors, including the nature of the probationer’s crime and his compliance with the terms of probation.

The Probation Will End if Conditions Are Met

If you are not applying for early termination, your probation will terminate on the last day of your sentence. However, it’s important to ensure that you have met all of the court-ordered conditions of probation prior to this date. If any of the conditions have not been met, the court may decide to extend the sentence or impose other penalties. Review the conditions of your probation with your probation office in advance so you can make sure there is nothing left for you to do.

The Conviction Remains on Your Record

Probationers must understand that their criminal conviction will remain on their record even after probation is over. The conviction is not erased simply because the probationer served his time. Having a criminal record could make it harder to find a job or housing since it the conviction will appear in background checks. But fortunately, some people will be eligible to seal their records in the future so their convictions are not visible to the public. After your probation is over, meet with an attorney to find out if you are eligible.

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