No Plane No Gain


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Scott ReischScott Reisch is a seasoned pilot and trial attorney who flies a Piper Malibu all over the state of Colorado – and sometimes beyond – to make court appearances and meet with clients, saving time and money for his clients as well as his law firm.

“The plane is a time machine,” said Reisch. “I learned to fly because it was something I wanted to do, but the airplane has really turned into a very valuable tool for work.”

Years ago, when Reisch and his family were returning home to Colorado from a trip to Texas, he spotted a small airplane flying the same direction as they were driving – and making much better time. “The plane was flying as the crow flies, while we had to stick to the roads,” said Reisch.

The next day, he went to his local airport to sign up for flying lessons.

Reisch is the founder of the Reisch Law Firm, a personal injury and criminal defense law firm with headquarters in Denver. Reisch and several of the firm’s five attorneys regularly have to travel around the state to appear in court on behalf of their clients.

“A car trip to Telluride, where I sometimes have to go, can easily take six or seven hours, and usually means an overnight stay,” said Reisch. “It’s an hour each way in the Malibu, which saves on travel time fees for our clients and means that we are back home that same night.”

The aircraft, which is hangared at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (BJC), is Reisch’s third airplane, and he hopes to eventually purchase a small turboprop or jet aircraft, to save even more travel time. Reisch will sometimes fly clients or their relatives to a court appearance, and if he is not available, he hires a pilot to fly other attorneys as needed.

“I’ve even flown the opposing counsel on occasion,” added Reisch. “Talk about a captive audience.”

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