A playground is supposed to be a place where kids can let loose and run wild. But unfortunately, many playgrounds contain hidden dangers that could seriously injure your child. Before letting your child climb the monkey bars or take a trip down the slide, make sure you know how to avoid these common playground injuries:


Many kids sustain serious injuries as a result of falling off of playground equipment. There’s no way to ensure your child won’t fall, but there is a way to make sure he will not be injured if he does loose his footing. Take a look at the surface of the playground–this is where your child will land if he happens to fall. If the surface is made out of rubber or thick layers of mulch, your child should not be seriously injured in the event of a fall.


When the temperature starts to rise in the summer, the surfaces of playground equipment will start to heat up as well. If your child’s skin makes contact with these surfaces, he could suffer burn injuries. To prevent this common injury, look for playground equipment that is in the shade. If all of the equipment is exposed to the sun, test the temperature on the surface before letting your child play.


Kids often sustain minor to severe lacerations while playing on playgrounds. There injuries are usually caused by sharp objects such as nails or screws protruding from the playground equipment. If your child is not paying attention, he could accidentally step on or run into one of these sharp objects. To protect your child, it’s best to inspect the equipment to look for sharp objects before he starts to play.


Strangulation can occur when a child’s clothing or jewelry becomes caught on something as they are playing on the playground. This is a fatal injury, which is why it’s so important for parents to do everything they can to prevent it. It’s recommended that parents avoid dressing their children in loose-fitting clothing that could be caught on playground equipment. Parents should also keep a close eye on their children at all times so they can rush to their side if the child becomes caught on something.

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