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R. Scott Reisch

Mr. Reisch enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1988. He served as a scout/observer for artillery units, achieving the rank of Sergeant while completing his education. He was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1996. After completing the Naval Justice School, he was stationed at the Eastern Recruiting District, Parris Island, South Carolina. While there, he served as a military prosecutor and defense counsel, representing Marines accused of crimes. Mr. Reisch achieved the rank of Major in the US Marine Corps Reserves.

Upon leaving active duty, Mr. Reisch founded The Reisch Law Firm, LLC, which has focused on representing individuals and corporations accused of criminal offenses in Colorado and Federal Courts across the country. Mr. Reisch has also undertaken personal injury, air disaster litigation and FAA enforcement cases on a selective basis.

Mr. Reisch has extensive experience in criminal and litigation matters. He has tried over 100 criminal trials in municipal, state and federal courts and won acquittals for his clients in the vast majority of those cases, representing defendants in numerous high-profile cases alleging sexual assault, first-degree murder and other serious crimes. Mr. Reisch was featured in an ABC News one hour prime-time documentary about a high-profile child abuse case.

In addition to defending clients in jury trials, Mr. Reisch has secured favorable resolutions in thousands of cases without going to trial. Prosecutors know they will be facing an experienced and skilled trial attorney with a record of success in jury trials, and they are often willing to accept a negotiated outcome that favors our client rather than risk a trial by jury.

Mr. Reisch has also successfully challenged adverse trial court decisions at the appellate level and has several published and unpublished opinions.

Mr. Reisch has taught as an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State College, teaching future police officers. He has taught Constitutional Law, Evidence, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice classes. He has recently been accepted as an expert in the area of criminal law by a Jefferson County District Court judge, based upon his experience and qualifications in criminal defense, for a case in which he was retained an expert.

Mr. Reisch is an active pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings. He flies his aircraft to courts across Colorado and the country to represent clients.

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Robert LeVeen

Mr. Leveen joins the Reisch Law Firm, LLC after several years with Springer and Steinberg, LLC and Law offices of Joseph A. Velki where he focused primarily on criminal defense, both at the trial level and the appellate court level. He had achieved great success and his experience in administrative matters related to    matter regarding both medical and recreational marijuana. Mr. Leveen has handled many property forfeiture matters at the city, state and federal level achieving successes where the property to be seized was returned to the client.

Mr. Leveen has handled many complex state and federal matters including conspiracy, racketeering, COCCA cases and violent crime cases. Mr. Leveen devotes his energy and skill to achieving client goals.

Mr. Leveen graduated from University of Denver with a degree in Psychology. He also graduated from the University of Denver, Strum College of Law with a Juris Doctorate degree.

Mr. Leveen is in good standing and permitted to practice in all courts in Colorado, The U.S District Court, 10th Circuit and has handled numerous case as pro-hac-vice counsel in Eastern and Western District of California, Hawaii, Kansas, Eastern District of New York, and Western District of Virginia.

Luke McConnell

Luke McConnell joins The Reisch Law Firm, LLC as OF counsel and works on personal injury related matters for The Reisch Law Firm, LLC. 

Luke McConnell began his legal career with the Colorado State Public Defender, where he worked for five and a half years in one of the busiest metro offices. While working for the public defender, Luke was exposed to an extreme variety of people, cases, and situations. It is this experience that provides the foundation for Luke’s current representation of clients. Luke went into private practice in early 2014 so that he could expand his practice and help clients in more ways than he was able to at the public defender. Luke has a deep-seated passion for pushing back against powerful entities and institutions, fighting for what is right, and fighting for his clients’ rights and interests.

Luke’s focus is on providing honest, compassionate, and comprehensive advocacy on behalf of clients. No two situations are entirely the same, and Luke approaches each case with the goal of formulating a comprehensive strategy that meets the client’s unique needs. With 89 jury trials under his belt, few people are as qualified as Luke when a case goes to trial, and Luke possesses a passion for the art of the jury trial. Luke has had the privilege of sharing his passion for jury trials by teaching students at CU Boulder and to his newly admitted colleagues.

The current focus of Luke’s practice is in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury litigation, and civil rights litigation.

Luke has been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as one of the best 40 lawyers under 40 years of age in Colorado for criminal defense based upon his trial experience.

Outside of work, Luke pursues many interests. These include biking, running, hiking, skiing, climbing, cooking, reading, music, and spending time with friends.

Professional Associations:
Colorado Bar Association

Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association

Colorado Trial Lawyers Association


Whittier College, B.A.
Department Award, Philosophy

University of Oregon School of Law, J.D.

Michael McCullough

Mr. McCullough was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Mr. McCullough, from an early age was never afraid to do hard work and started working in the steel mills. Prior to working in the steel mills, Mr. McCullough earned extra income by shoe shining in the local drinking establishments.  Sometimes it was dangerous, but it was always interesting.  Mr. McCullough changed course and joined the United State Marine Corps.  He went to boot camp at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego. After graduation, he was stationed at Camp Pendleton California.  He achieved the rank of Sergeant.  Mr. McCullough was selected among thousands of Marine applicants who applied for the Marine Corps Enlisted Commission Program(MECEP). In 1986, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S Marine Corps, ultimately becoming an Intelligence Officer. While on active duty, Mr. McCullough served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield and served on the MEUSOC 24. Mr. McCullough achieved the rank of Captain with an Honorable Discharge 1991.

Mr. McCullough graduated from the University of Utah with Juris Doctorate degree and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1996.

In 1996, Mr. McCullough began his career with the Fife Law Firm, where he ultimately became a partner and the firm was renamed to Fife and McCullough. In 2004, Mr. McCullough started the McCullough Group, focusing exclusively on criminal defense and has represented thousands of clients with cases from speedy trials to murder.

In all cases, Mr. McCullough has represented his clients zealously to protect his client’s rights against as often as necessary and opposing criminal justice system and has earned a reputation by prosecution as being tough and never afraid to fight for his clients including going to trial. Mr. McCullough has been referred to do trials for many firms who do little trial work.

Mr. McCullough carries with him today what he learned as a young Marine, hard work equals good results and mission accomplishment. Mr. McCullough has joined The Reisch Law Firm as Of Counsel and will continue to represent clients charged in criminal matters.

Matthew Schultz

Matthew works on criminal defense cases with The Reisch Law FirmHe believes that his clients always come first when they are facing the difficult prospect of being prosecuted for a criminal offense. Matthew knows and appreciates that months or years that his clients spend fighting a criminal case are often the most difficult and trying times in their livesHe knows that the penalties and consequences can last a lifetime. That is why he brings client-centered approach to each and every one of his casesMatthew focuses on his client’s goals from the moment they walk in the door. He fights to achieve those goals both inside and outside the walls  of courtroom.

Matthew’s experience and passion for criminal defense began before he even graduated from law school. During his years at Boston University School of Law, Matthew worked with public defender agencies in multiple jurisdictions to fight for clients in pre-trial proceedingsat trial, and even in post-conviction matters.  His work during law school took him from Boston to Alaska.

Matthew graduated from Boston University School of Law having tried more cases than many experienced attorneys.

Matthew continued to build on this experience during his four years with the Colorado State Public Defender. He represented dozens of clients at trial during that time on charges ranging from DUI to First Degree Murder. Matthew has used this trial and litigation experience to negotiate numerous favorable resolutions for clients well before trial.