If law enforcement suspects that you have committed a crime, they will launch an investigation in order to gather evidence that confirms or disproves their suspicions. What should you do if you discover that you are under investigation? Follow these tips:

Speak to a Lawyer First

Anyone that is under investigation should speak with an attorney before talking to the police. This is true regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty. You will need an attorney to help you understand what crime you are suspected of committing and what your rights are at this point in this process. People that choose to speak to the police before consulting an attorney may end up saying something that can be misconstrued and used against them. Do not answer any questions or provide any information to the police until you have met with an attorney.

Do Not Destroy Evidence

It’s normal to feel a bit of panic if you find out that you are under investigation. But, it’s never a good idea to destroy evidence related to the crime that is being investigated. Destroying evidence will show the investigators that you have something to hide, which means they will start to look at you even more closely. In addition, anyone that intentionally destroys evidence could face legal consequences for doing so.

Do Not Talk About the Investigation

Friends and family may want to check in and see what’s going on in the investigation. But, it’s strongly recommended that you do not talk to anyone about the investigation besides your attorney. Politely tell your loved ones that you have been advised not to talk about the details until the investigation has come to an end.

Do Not Give Consent to Searches

In most cases, a law enforcement officer cannot search your property unless he either has a search warrant or your consent. If a police officer shows up at your home without a warrant, do not give him consent to search your property. Keep in mind that if you do not give consent, he may come back to your property in a few days with the proper warrants.

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