How a Truck Accident is Different From a Car Accident

How a Truck Accident is Different From a Car Accident

Truck accidents and car accidents both involve collisions that occur on the road, but the similarities may end there. It’s important that you understand how a truck accident is different from a car accident so you understand the need to hire a personal injury attorney if you are ever involved in a collision with a truck. Here are several of the key differences between these two types of tragic accidents:

Federal Regulations

The trucking industry is heavily regulated by the federal government. Regulations cover everything from how a truck is maintained to how many hours drivers spend on the road before taking a break. If an accident occurs because one of these regulations was violated, the trucking company can be held liable. These regulations are unique to the trucking industry and will not affect your case if you were involved in a collision with another car.

More Severe Injuries

Semi-trucks weigh around 80,000 pounds, which is significantly higher than the average weight of a car. These trucks can do a great deal of damage when they collide into a vehicle. As a result, truck accident victims often sustain far more serious injuries than car accident victims. Some of the most common injuries include fractured bones, spinal cord damage, and traumatic brain injuries.

Larger Insurance Policies

Car and truck accident victims typically recover compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. But, the amount of compensation that you can recover from an insurance company is limited based on how much coverage the insurance policy provides. For example, if the at-fault driver in a car accident has a $25,000 insurance policy, this is the most you will be able to recover from the company. But, the insurance policies are much larger on trucks, so you may be able to recover much more than you would with a car accident claim.

Liability Challenges

Usually one of the drivers involved in the car accident is found liable for the collision. But, liability is a bit more complicated in a truck accident. There are a number of parties that may be held liable for a truck accident, including the truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer, and the company that loaded the cargo. Identifying who is liable is challenging, which is one of the many reasons why you will need an attorney if you are involved in a truck accident.

If you have been injured in a truck accident or car accident, seek legal representation at once. The attorneys at Reisch Law Firm will fight tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 303-291-0555 or filling out this online form.

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