A traumatic brain injury (TBI) affects nearly every area of a victim’s life, including their personal relationships. Here are some of the ways your personal relationships may change after a TBI:

Different Roles and Responsibilities

You may have been the breadwinner in your home in the past, but that can change if you suffer a TBI. TBI victims may not be physically, mentally, or emotionally able to work. As a result, their partners often have to either enter the workforce or search for additional opportunities to earn money. This shift in roles and responsibilities can put a lot of pressure on a couple, and their relationship could suffer as a result.

Mood Swings

TBI victims can also experience mood swings due to their injury. Dealing with these sudden mood swings can be difficult for friends and family members, especially if the anger is directed at them. Loved ones may not understand that you do not have complete control over your emotions. Instead, they may feel hurt or upset by something that you’ve said or done during a mood swing. This can severely affect relationships with all of your closest loved ones.

Communication Problems

Communication is an important part of every relationship. But sadly, many people have trouble communicating with others after a TBI. Victims may not be able to put their thoughts or feelings into words. It’s also common for TBI victims to struggle with understanding what other people are talking about. Not being able to effectively communicate with someone can make it hard to connect with other people and maintain personal relationships.


Many people feel incredibly self-conscious after suffering a TBI because of the physical and mental changes that this type of injury can cause. For example, a TBI victim who struggles to find the right words or speak clearly may be self-conscious every time he opens his mouth. Someone who has physical limitations after an injury may be too self-conscious to go for a walk outside or exercise around other people. The more self-conscious a TBI victim feels, the more he will isolate himself from his loved ones. Friends and family members may feel as if they are being pushed away, and some of them may not understand why, which can lead to feelings of resentment.

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