Anyone who has been arrested has the right to an attorney. If the charges that you face carry possible jail time, you will also have the right to a court-appointed attorney, known as a public defender, if you cannot afford a criminal defense attorney. Which is the better option if you have the choice? Here’s a look at the benefits of working with a criminal defense attorney vs. public defender:


Working with a criminal defense attorney means you will get to choose the attorney that represents you. This means you can look for an attorney who has experience representing clients in cases similar to yours and who has been successful defending the charges that you face. But, if you work with a public defender, you will end up with whoever the court assigns to your case.


Public defenders often cannot spend very much time with each client because of the number of cases they are expected to handle at once. As a result, it may be difficult to get your legal questions answered or explore other legal options because your attorney may not have time to talk about your case. However, a criminal defense attorney will hold your hand throughout the entire legal process. These attorneys aren’t forced to take on more cases than they can handle, so they have much more time to devote to fighting for the best possible outcome in your case.

Plea Deals

Many public defenders don’t have time to take each of their cases to trial, so they may attempt to settle as many as possible through plea deal negotiations with the state. If there is a lot of evidence that can be used against you, it may be wise to take the plea deal. But, many defendants may end up with a better outcome by going to trial. If you want an attorney who will do what’s in your best interests instead of trying to close the case as quickly as possible, you will need a criminal defense attorney instead of a public defender.


Criminal defense attorneys will not get hired by other clients if they don’t have a good reputation. Because of this, they will fight tirelessly to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. The better the plea deal or verdict is for you, the better it is for a criminal defense attorney’s reputation as well. However, public defenders do not have to advertise for clients, so the pressure to do well in order to maintain a positive reputation is not there.

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