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The Steps of a Criminal Case

The Steps of a Criminal Case

Many people aren’t sure of what to expect after they have been arrested, which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. In the event that you are ever taken into custody, it’s important to understand the steps of a criminal case.


Within a few days after your arrest, you will appear in court before the judge for your arraignment. The judge will inform you of the criminal charges against you and ask you to enter a plea. Defendants can either plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. The judge may also decide to set bail at the arraignment or announce that you are being held without bail.

Preliminary Hearing

If you have been charged with a felony, a preliminary hearing may be scheduled in your case following the arraignment. During this hearing, the prosecutor will present the evidence that you committed a crime to the judge. The judge will carefully review the evidence to determine if the case against you is strong enough to warrant a trial. If the judge does not believe there is sufficient evidence, the charges against you will be dropped.

Pre-Trial Conference

Both sides will begin preparing to take the case to trial. Before the trial begins, there will be a pre-trial conference regarding your case. During this conference, the defense and the prosecution may negotiate the terms of a plea bargain for the defendant. This conference is also used to file motions, which are requests submitted to the judge asking him to rule on a certain matter. For instance, a criminal defense attorney may file a motion to have certain evidence excluded from the case. The judge will typically rule on these motions during this pre-trial conference.


If you do not accept a plea bargain, the case will proceed to trial. Your criminal defense attorney will work with the prosecution and the judge to carefully select an unbiased jury that will be responsible for deciding your fate. After the jury has been finalized, the trial will start.

The trial will begin with an opening statement from the prosecution, followed by an opening statement from the defense. Each side will then have the opportunity to call witnesses, introduce evidence, and present their case, with the prosecution going first. Each witness will be cross-examined by the other side’s attorney before stepping down from the stand.

After both sides have presented their cases, they will each get to make a closing argument to the jury. Then, the jury will be given instructions and sent to deliberate. The jury members will return to the courtroom when they have reached a verdict, which will be read to the court.


If you plead guilty or no contest or you are found guilty in court, you will have to attend another hearing for sentencing. This is where you will be informed of any fines, community service, probation, jail or prison time.

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What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

If you are facing criminal charges, it’s imperative that you work with a criminal defense attorney, regardless of how minor the charges may be. A skilled criminal defense attorney is an invaluable asset that can greatly affect the outcome of your case, but unfortunately, many people who are accused of a crime aren’t aware of how important these attorneys are. What does a criminal defense attorney do and how can he help? Here’s what you need to know:

Investigation of the Case

An attorney will begin by diving deep into the details of the case to learn as much as possible about it. This may include talking to witnesses, questioning police about their procedures, and examining physical evidence. Throughout his investigation, he will be looking for opportunities to poke holes in the prosecution’s case against you. For instance, he may find that the evidence being used against you was collected during an illegal search and should therefore be thrown out.


In some cases, a defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution. If you accept the plea deal, you will either face reduced charges or shorter sentences as a result of your attorney’s efforts. A plea deal is not appropriate for every defendant, so it’s possible that your attorney will not explore this option if he does not think it is necessary.

If the attorney finds a significant hole in the prosecution’s case, it’s also possible that he could have all of your charges dropped.

Jury Selection

When a case goes to trial, the attorney will take on the responsibility of selecting the jury that will decide your fate. A skilled attorney will ensure that there are no biased jurors who will assume that you are guilty regardless of the evidence that is presented.

Presenting the Case

Criminal defense attorneys may be best known for their work in trials. If your case goes to trial, a criminal defense attorney will stand before the jury to defend your rights and point out flaws in the prosecution’s case. An attorney will be responsible for preparing witnesses, analyzing the prosecution’s evidence, cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses, and convincing the jury to doubt the prosecution’s story.


Defendants who are found guilty or plead guilty will be sentenced for the crimes that they committed. If this happens to you, an attorney will present a compelling argument to the judge and jury to convince them to be lenient with your sentence.

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What Are Your Rights After an Arrest

What Are Your Rights After an Arrest?

If you have been arrested by a police officer, it’s important to protect your rights. What are your rights after an arrest? Here’s what you should know:

The right to know why you are being arrested.

A police officer must have a reason to arrest you, and he must inform you of that reason if you ask for it. If the police officer has a warrant for your arrest, you have the legal right to see the warrant. But, the police officer does not necessarily need to show you the warrant at the time of your arrest. It is your right to see the warrant within a reasonable amount of time after you have been arrested.

The right to remain silent.

The right to remain silent is one of the most important rights that you have, and you should always choose to exercise it if you have been arrested. You cannot be penalized for exercising this right, but you can hurt yourself if you choose not to exercise it. Anything that you say to a police officer or anyone can be used against you to prove your guilt. Even if you think you’re not saying anything incriminating, your statements can be taken out of context and twisted around by law enforcement. For these reasons, any good criminal defense attorney will tell you that you should always remain silent following an arrest.

The right to contact someone.

Everyone who has been arrested has the right to get in touch with someone to let that person know of the arrest. You may have seen on TV or in movies that people only get one phone call, but that is not always true. You are able to make multiple phone calls until you get ahold of someone.

The right to a criminal defense attorney.

If you have been arrested, you have the right to a criminal defense attorney, regardless of the severity of the charges that you face. In cases where jail time is a possible consequence of a conviction, you will have the right to a court-appointed attorney if you cannot afford to hire one on your own. It’s important that you ask for an attorney as soon as possible after you have been arrested. Do not sign anything or make any statements without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney about your case.

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