A criminal defense attorney will always fight to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. If the attorney thinks that it is possible to get the charges completely dropped, this is the outcome he will pursue. But in some cases, the attorney may think that the best possible outcome is to get the criminal charges reduced instead of completely dropped.

What Does it Mean to Reduce Criminal Charges?

Every criminal charge should be taken seriously, but some charges are more serious than others. If the charges against you are reduced, it means that you will be charged with a less serious crime. For example, let’s say you are arrested and charged with menacing, which is similar to assault. Menacing can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor depending on the nature of the crime, but in this case, you are charged with felony menacing. If the charges are reduced, it means the state change your charges to misdemeanor menacing instead of felony menacing.

When Are Criminal Charges Reduced?

There are several reasons why the state might decide to reduce your criminal charges. First, the prosecution may reduce your charges if you agree to a plea bargain. This means the prosecution will charge you with a less serious crime as long as you agree to plead guilty to it. Many criminal cases are resolved with plea bargains, but it’s important not to accept one of these deals before speaking with an attorney.

Prosecutors can also be forced to reduce criminal charges if they realize they do not have enough evidence to convict you of the original charge. For instance, consider the menacing crime example from above. The difference between felony and misdemeanor menacing is the former involves the use of a deadly weapon. As the prosecutor starts to build his case, he may realize that he does not have evidence of the deadly weapon. Or, he may realize that the evidence of the deadly weapon will not be admissible in court. Instead of risking a not guilty verdict at trial, he may decide to reduce the charges to misdemeanor menacing, which he will be able to prove.

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