It’s recommended that you ask any witnesses at the scene of a car accident for their contact information so your attorney can get in touch with them later. Witnesses play an important role in personal injury cases because they may have seen something that you and the other parties involved did not. How can your attorney get to the bottom of what they know? Here are some of the best questions to ask car accident witnesses:

When did you notice the accident?

First, your attorney will establish when the witness started to pay attention to the collision. Some witnesses may have heard the impact of the collision and turned around to look at it right as it was happening. Others may have arrived at the scene of the accident after it had happened in order to see if anyone needed help. But, the most valuable type of witness is one that saw the events leading up to the accident.

Where were you located?

It’s important to find out where the witness was located so you know how well she was able to see the accident. For example, a witness who was driving behind the two vehicles involved in the accident would probably have a good view of what happened, but a witness who was driving in the opposite direction may not have been able to see things so clearly.

What did you see or hear?

Ask the witness to recount what he saw and heard on the day of the accident in as much detail as possible. Was one party driving erratically prior to the accident? Did he notice the either driver speeding or failing to obey traffic lights? Did either driver beep their horn at any point before the accident? Were turning signals used? These are all important questions that can be used to establish fault in the accident.

Can you draw a diagram?

If the interview is conducted in person, it’s helpful to ask the witness to draw a diagram that shows the positioning of each vehicle, the roads, and traffic lights or signs. Ask the witness to include as much information as possible so this diagram can be used to prove the other driver was at fault for the accident.

Remember, let your attorney handle the questioning. Don’t try to speak to a witness at the scene unless you are just asking for their contact information.

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