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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to prepare every case for trial. While not every case is ultimately decided by a jury, our thoughtful, thorough, and effective preparation in anticipation of litigation enables us to obtain substantial settlements prior to trial and provide our clients with a faster result and a full recovery. Our experience has taught us that the best source of a future client is a former client who knows that they received the best achievable result in their case and often the difference between winning and losing is preparation. To provide these results, we limit the number of cases each attorney prepares so that proper attention can be paid to each client and their case.

Experience In Big Cases

What’s at stake? A business owner accused of murder or losing your home because you can no longer earn a living due to an accident caused by the negligence of another. Whether your liberty, health, or financial independence is in jeopardy, clients want experienced attorneys who will aggressively represent their interests in and out of the courtroom while achieving superior outcomes.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

We are experienced in fashioning alternative fee arrangements that serve our clients budgetary needs while reflecting the expertise and resources required in the representation. If alternative fee arrangements are an important part of your relationship with your law firm, we would be pleased to work with you.
The Reisch Law Firm knows that the legal system can be an intimidating and often frightening process. You need a professional in your corner with a strong track record for success, who is willing to put in the time to get you the best result possible.
With over 19 years of trial experience, The Reisch Law Firm is one of Colorado’s premier criminal defense law firms.
Because of this reputation, we are often able to achieve positive results without the necessity of a trial. Prosecutors know that if a favorable offer of settlement is not offered to our clients, they will be required to litigate against experienced and skilled trial lawyers. At The Reisch Law Firm, the choice between settlement and trial is truly yours. Whether wrongfully accused or guilty as sin, we believe that everyone is entitled to excellent representation.
We have extensive experience in handling all types of cases.
If you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, the experienced attorneys at The Reisch Law Firm can help. Please fill out the form to the right or call our office today at 303-291-0555 and schedule a free consultation to discuss your options.





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