Most car accidents occur on interstates, highways, and city streets, but many occur in parking lots as well. Drivers are typically traveling much slower in a parking lot than they would be on a major street, but that does not mean that these crashes should be taken lightly. A low impact car accident can still lead to serious injuries and significant property damage. Who is liable for the injuries and damage that occurs in parking lot car accidents? Here’s what you need to know:

Backing Out of Parking Spaces

Accidents often occur when one driver is backing out of a parking space and he collides with another vehicle that is traveling through the parking lot. Drivers that are backing out of parking spaces are required to look both ways to ensure that there are no cars coming. For this reason, the driver that is backing out of the space is usually held liable in this situation.

Driving Forward Through Parking Spaces

Many people that are parked in a parking space drive forward through an empty parking space in front of them instead of backing out when they are ready to leave. It’s much easier to pull forward than it is to back out, but unfortunately, the driver’s line of sight may be obstructed. He may not be able to spot cars that are approaching in the parking lot as he pulls through the parking space. As a result, the driver may collide with another vehicle that is traveling straight through the parking lot.

Similar to the first scenario, the driver that is exiting his parking space is responsible for making sure that he will not hit another vehicle on his way out. Therefore, the driver pulling through the parking space will most likely be found liable.

Two Drivers Leaving Parking Spaces

If two cars are parked near each other, it’s possible that the vehicles will collide if both drivers decide to leave their parking spaces at the same time. Both of these drivers have an obligation to check for oncoming traffic before backing out, so it’s possible that both drivers will be found to be partially at fault for the accident.

Collisions in the Parking Lanes

Cars can also collide when they are driving through the parking lot. In a parking lot, drivers must use extra caution and be prepared to stop at a moment’s notice if the car in front of them finds a parking spot and decides to turn in. If a car is rear ended in a parking lot, it is typically not the leading driver’s fault.

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