Leading Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Leading Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Every year, approximately 1.7 million people in the U.S. sustain traumatic brain injuries. Hundreds of thousands of these brain injury victims are hospitalized, while thousands more lose their lives as a result of the brain damage. How do all of these people sustain such catastrophic injuries? Here are some of the leading causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs):


The leading cause of TBIs is falls, which account for over one-third of these injuries. A brain injury occurs when the victim loses his balance and hits his head against the floor or another hard object during the fall. Falls are especially common among children between the ages of 0 to 4 and seniors that are 75 or older. These accidents can take place anywhere, including in the victim’s own home.

Struck By Objects

The second leading cause of these injuries is being struck in the head. Sometimes, these injuries are the result of accidents, such as when a construction worker is hit on the head by a falling object. But other times, the victim may be intentionally struck in the head during an assault.

This is a common cause of TBIs in children under the age of 15. As a matter of fact, this cause accounts for about 20% of all TBIs sustained by children within this age range. This could because TBIs that occur while playing sports typically fall into this category. Kids often sustain TBIs while playing football, baseball, basketball, and soccer.

Traffic Accidents

Another common cause of TBIs is traffic accidents, which includes all car, truck, and motorcycle collisions. In motorcycle accidents, these injuries often occur when the motorcyclist is thrown off of his bike and makes contact with the pavement. In other traffic accidents, TBIs usually occur when the victim hits his head against the dashboard, window, or steering wheel.

Although traffic accidents do not lead to as many TBIs as falls, the brain injuries sustained in traffic accidents are usually more serious. In fact, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of TBI-related fatalities.

TBIs can be caused by many other factors that are not included on this list. Some of the less common causes include animal attacks, self-inflicted harm, and explosions.

There’s a reason why these brain injuries are referred to as traumatic—they can significantly impact the quality of your life. If you have sustained a TBI in an accident, contact the attorneys at Reisch Law Firm right away to learn how we can help you recover the compensation that you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 303-291-0555 or filling out this online form.

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