The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to bear arms. However, there are state and federal laws that regulate how people buy, sell, carry, and use guns and other weapons. Violating one of these laws is serious and could lead to a number of different penalties. Here’s a look at some of the most common weapons crimes in Colorado:

Possessing A Dangerous or Illegal Weapon

Some weapons are completely banned, which means anyone found in possession of them could be charged with a crime. “Dangerous” weapons are firearm silencers, machine guns, short shotguns, short rifles, and ballistic knifes, whereas “illegal” weapons are metallic knuckles, gas guns, and blackjacks. Possessing a dangerous weapon is a felony in Colorado, but possessing an illegal weapon is only a misdemeanor.

Prohibited Use of Weapons

You could be charged with a crime for the improper use of a weapon even if that weapon is legally owned. For example, aiming a firearm at another person or recklessly shooting a gun are prohibited by law.

Unlawfully Carrying A Weapon

Weapons are prohibited in certain places such as schools, colleges, and universities. Carrying any kind of weapon on school grounds is a felony—even if you legally own the weapon. To comply with the law, the weapon must be unloaded and remain in your vehicle if you are on school property.

Illegal Discharge of A Firearm

Anyone who is permitted to own and carry a firearm must use it responsibly, which means only discharging it when it is absolutely necessary. Recklessly firing a weapon in any kind of home or building is considered an illegal discharge of a firearm. It’s also illegal to recklessly fire a weapon into a car that is occupied by at least one person. Firing a weapon for no reason is incredibly dangerous, which is why this crime is classified as a felony.

Unlawful Purchase of Firearms

Certain individuals, such as those who have been convicted of a felony, are not allowed to own a firearm. Helping a felon—or anyone else who is prohibited from owning a firearm—obtain a gun is illegal. This means you cannot purchase a firearm or transfer ownership of a firearm to someone who is not allowed to own one.

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