No one ever expects to get hurt while on vacation, but unfortunately, many slip and fall accidents happen at hotels and resorts. Don’t let an accident ruin your rest and relaxation—look out for these common slip and fall hazards at hotels and resorts:

Weather Conditions

Hundreds of guests travel in and out of large hotels everyday. If it’s raining or snowing outside, these guests will carry water, mud, and sludge into the hotel on their shoes and clothing. Unfortunately, employees often fail to clean the mess that is made around the main entrances of the hotel or resort, which creates a dangerous slip and fall hazard.

Poor weather conditions can also create hazards outside of the hotel or resort. For example, if the staff fails to salt the steps leading into the building, a guest may slip on a patch of ice and seriously injure himself.

Mopped or Waxed Floors

The employees at hotels and resorts work hard to keep the property sparkling clean, but sometimes a deep clean causes slip and fall accidents. If the floors inside a hotel or resort have recently been mopped or waxed, they may be slippery for a while. To avoid liability, the hotel or resort should have signs up that warn guests about the slippery floors ahead, but many places fail to put these signs in place. As a result, guests lose their footing on the newly cleaned floors and injure themselves.

Parking Lots

Hotels and resorts often have huge parking lots to accommodate all of their guests. Sadly, many slip and fall accidents happen in these parking lots before the guests even get the chance to check into their room. Guests may encounter cracks in the sidewalks or potholes that cause them to fall in the parking lot. It’s also possible that inadequate lighting in the parking lot could contribute to the accident since it’s much harder to spot hazards in the dark.


A number of flooring hazards could cause guests at a hotel or resort to slip and fall. For example, guests could easily trip over torn carpeting or slip on a rug that isn’t secured in place. Guests could also lose their balance if the wooden floorboards inside a hotel or resort are uneven. To prevent these slip and fall accidents and avoid liability, hotel and resort property owners must do their part to ensure every inch of the flooring is in good condition.

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