A deposition is one of many tools that attorneys may use to uncover evidence during the discovery phase of a personal injury lawsuit. Your personal injury attorney will thoroughly prepare you prior to a deposition so you know exactly what to expect. What questions will you hear? Here are some of the most common personal injury deposition questions:

Employment Questions

Are you trying to recover lost wages from the at-fault party? If so, expect to hear a lot of questions related to your employment history. The defendant’s attorney will probably ask you to explain what you currently do for a living, how much you make, and how long you have held this position. You might also be asked to list the jobs you’ve held over the last 5-10 years and the reason you left each of these positions.

Medical History

The defendant’s attorney will also ask you questions about your medical history. The purpose of these questions is to determine whether you had any preexisting conditions that could impact your claim. The attorney will very detailed information about which doctors you have seen and what types of treatment you have received over the last 5-10 years. Answer each of these questions to the best of your ability and then add something along the lines of “That’s all that I can recall,” to protect yourself in the event that you accidentally left something out.

Life Impact

During the deposition, it’s very likely that you will be asked how your injuries have impacted your life. How have the injuries affected your day-to-day life? Are there any activities that you can no longer do because of your injuries? The attorney will also want to know whether your injuries have impacted the relationships in your life. For instance, many brain injury victims experience severe emotional and behavioral changes that make it difficult for them to maintain relationships with their loved ones. All of this information will be used to determine whether you should receive pain and suffering damages for your injuries.

Medical Treatment

Another topic that will be covered in your deposition is the medical treatment you received after you were injured. You will be asked to name the doctors you have visited, the treatments you have received, and the dates you received treatment. If you waited to seek medical attention or if there was a gap in your treatment, you will be expected to explain why you made these decisions during your deposition.

While discussing this topic, the defendant’s attorney may ask you a few questions that are designed to get you to say something that can be used against you later. For example, he may ask “But, you’re feeling better today, right?” Discuss how to answer this type of question with your attorney prior to the deposition. Remember, your attorney will be by your side so he can object to the questioning at any point.

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