When a catastrophic trucking accident occurs, causing serious injuries or fatalities, it is critical to determine who is to blame. Yet establishing blame is not easy, and trucking companies and brake manufacturers often have large legal teams on their side who are skilled in deflecting blame and reducing their liabilities. As such, it is important to have an experienced Denver trucking accidents attorney on your side from the moment you are injured.


There may be many parties responsible for your accident, including:


  • The truck driver

  • The company responsible for loading the truck

  • The trucking company/owner

  • The manufacturer of the brakes



Trucking companies are in business to make money. They sometimes do this by cutting corners in maintenance and safety. One of their tricks is to skip or delay routine maintenance on brakes, including changing worn brake pads and rotors. They may also misalign the brakes or fail to properly secure the brakes when installing them.



Another trick that trucking companies employ is to depower the front brakes. They do this to save money on tires and on braking components. By depowering or unhooking the front brakes, trucking companies force truck drivers to use the rear brakes on the trailer only and downshift in order to stop the vehicle completely. In emergencies or on severe downgrades, truck drivers often do not have enough time to downshift appropriately and the result is catastrophic.



If you believe that your trucking accident was a result of brake failure, it is important to discuss your case with an experienced Denver trucking accident lawyer immediately. Valuable evidence could be lost quickly if you delay. Your attorney will need to complete a thorough investigation of the accident scene and determine if faulty brakes were responsible for your crash. If brake failure was the reason, then your attorney can use specialized forensic experts and crash reconstruction experts to determine if the failure was a result of a defective part or shoddy maintenance.



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