Nerves carry messages back and forth from the brain to the rest of the body. Since nerves play such an important role in the body, the effects of nerve damage can be devastating. This condition can be incredibly painful and could greatly affect the victim’s daily life. Fortunately, if this injury was sustained in an accident caused by another person, the victim can seek damages by filing a personal injury claim. Here’s how to recover compensation for nerve damage in a personal injury case:

Provide Proof of Nerve Damage

Since nerve damage is not visible, the victim must be able to provide proof that the injury exists in order to recover compensation. A doctor can diagnose this condition by performing a nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test. This test can be used to determine whether there is nerve damage, and if so, the severity of it.

Showing the insurance adjuster the results of this test can make it easier to recover compensation. Since it is difficult for an insurance adjuster to question the accuracy of such a complex test, he should no longer be able to argue that the injury doesn’t exist after seeing these results.

Document Pain and Suffering

It’s easy to show the insurance adjuster medical bills to prove that you should be compensated for injury-related expenses. But, it’s far more difficult to prove that you should be compensated for pain and suffering.

It’s recommended that victims with nerve damage begin documenting their symptoms immediately after the accident in an injury journal. Write down the symptoms that you experience everyday and how the injury has affected your life. A copy of these notes can be given to the insurance adjuster to help him understand what you have experienced as a result of the nerve damage.

To strengthen your case, it’s best to also ask your healthcare providers to submit written statements to the insurance adjuster. For example, the doctor that has treated the nerve damage can write a statement explaining the severity of the injury and how it will continue to affect your life in the future. If you have been seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist, be sure to include a statement from him that explains how the injury has affected your mental health as well.

Victims should not be denied compensation simply because their injuries are not visible. If you have suffered nerve damage in an accident, contact Reisch Law Firm. Let our personal injury attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 303-291-0555 or filling out this online form.