Car accidents can cause serious injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and spinal cord damage. But sometimes, the emotional injuries that occur as a result of a car accident cause much greater pain than the physical injuries. People who were involved in catastrophic accidents can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is characterized by flashbacks, nightmares, anxiety, and depression. Fortunately, it may be possible for these victims to recover compensation for PTSD after an accident.

Proving PTSD After An Accident

Car accident victims will not be compensated for any injuries that cannot be proven. When a victim has a physical injury, it can usually be proven with lab reports or X-rays. But, PTSD won’t show up on MRI results or in blood work, which means it is more difficult to prove. To prove PTSD, car accident victims turn to expert witnesses. It’s common for car accident victims to use the mental health professional that has made the PTSD diagnosis as their expert witness. This individual will be able to provide the most valuable information since he is the one who is treating you.

How Expert Witnesses Can Help

If the case goes to trial, the expert witness needs to begin by describing his experience in the mental health field. This is necessary because it helps the jury understand why the witness should be considered an expert in the field. If this information is not mentioned, the jury will not know whether or not the witness can be trusted.

Next, the witness needs to explain what PTSD is, how it is caused, and the symptoms of this condition. The jury should clearly understand how tragic experiences such as car accidents could lead to PTSD.

The expert witness should then begin to describe your diagnosis. The jury should hear about the symptoms you were experiencing, when they first began, and why the expert decided to diagnose you with PTSD. The witness also needs to go over how this condition has interfered with your life. Has it affected your personal relationships? What is your current mental state? How severe are the symptoms? This information can be used to help the jury decide whether or not to award you pain and suffering damages for your PTSD.

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