A crime can either be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. In general, felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanor crimes, and they carry more severe penalties as well. Because of this, many people who are charged with misdemeanors think it is not necessary to hire a criminal defense attorney. But, this is not the case. Here are some of the reasons why you need a criminal defense attorney to fight misdemeanor criminal charges:

A Conviction is A Conviction

Even though felony crimes are more serious than misdemeanor crimes, it’s important for defendants to remember that a conviction is a conviction. Both felony and misdemeanor convictions will stay on your criminal record long after the crime was committed. These convictions can appear on background checks conducted by future employers, landlords, and financial institutions, and affect your relationships with these parties. It’s in your best interest to hire an attorney who is willing to fight tirelessly to protect your future by keeping a misdemeanor conviction off of your record.

Misdemeanors Carry Serious Penalties

Defendants who are convicted of misdemeanor crimes face a number of different penalties, including jail time, fines, and probation. In fact, if you are charged with certain class 1 misdemeanors, you could face up to two years behind bars. Being incarcerated means being pulled away from your family, friends, and work. This is why every defendant facing misdemeanor charges should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you are convicted, an attorney will seek the lightest sentence possible for your crime.

The Court System is Complex

The court system can be confusing for anyone who is facing criminal charges. People without legal experience often have a hard time deciphering what the lawyers and judge are saying in the courtroom. Keeping up with court dates and court orders can also be overwhelming for defendants who are still trying to process the reality of their situation. Instead of going through this alone, let an attorney guide you through the legal process of fighting criminal charges. Having an attorney by your side will take a lot of the stress out of this process, which is a huge relief to defendants who are under a great deal of pressure.

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