Everyone should have the right to protect themselves and their home from intruders. But, the laws governing what residents can and cannot do to protect their homes vary from state-to-state. In Colorado, the “make my day” law gives residents the legal right to use their weapons when an intruder breaks into their home. Here’s what you need to know about the make my day defense law:

Make My Day Law in Colorado

Established in 1985, the make my day law gives Colorado residents the right to shoot and kill an intruder without facing criminal penalties. However, in order to use this defense, the resident must have been under the impression that the intruder was going to commit a crime and use physical force against someone inside the house. Even if the intruder is armed with nothing but his fists, Colorado residents can still fire their weapons to protect themselves.

In some states, the law requires residents to attempt to retreat to a safe place prior to using a weapon to defend themselves inside their homes. But, this is not the case in Colorado. Residents do not have a duty to retreat, which means they do not need to make an effort to escape before firing at an intruder.

When the Make My Day Law Does Not Apply

It’s important to understand when the make my day defense law does not apply so you know when you could face criminal charges for shooting another person. The make my day law only gives residents the right to shoot intruders inside their home. This means the law does not protect residents who shoot intruders that are in the yard or on the porch. Therefore, if an intruder is shot in the backyard, the resident cannot use the make my day defense to justify their crime.

Because the law only applies to incidents involving home intruders, you cannot use the make my day defense if you shoot someone in self defense while on public property. Other self defense laws may apply to cases involving situations that take place outside of the home, but the make my day law does not.

No one should ever have to face criminal consequences for protecting themselves. If you were left with no choice but to hurt someone in order to protect yourself, contact Reisch Law Firm right away. Our criminal defense attorneys will fight tirelessly to prove you acted in self defense. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 303-291-0555 or filling out this online form.