Marijuana concentrates is a term used to describe resin that has been extracted from a cannabis plant. Concentrates go by many names, including shatter, wax, hash, and crumble. Many people prefer consuming marijuana concentrates because they are far more potent than other forms of marijuana. But, is it legal to manufacture marijuana concentrates? Here’s what you should know:

Marijuana Concentrate Laws in Colorado

The law states that it is illegal for anyone who is not licensed by the state licensing authority to manufacture marijuana concentrates using an inherently hazardous substance.

The key phrase in this statute is “using an inherently hazardous substance.” This means the law only prohibits the manufacture of marijuana concentrates when a hazardous substance is used to extract the resin from the cannabis plant.

What Are Inherently Hazardous Substances?

According to the law, a hazardous substance is any chemical or product with a flash point at or lower than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Some examples listed in this statute include butane, propane, and diethyl ether.

To understand why these substances are hazardous, it’s important to learn how they are used to create concentrates. To manufacture concentrates with butane, for example, the marijuana is placed in a column with a filter at one end. The butane then passes through the column, removing the cannabinoids and terpenes from the marijuana flower as it goes. This process creates a butane-cannabis solution. Placing the solution inside a hot oven will force the butane to evaporate, leaving only the concentrate behind. However, it will also produce butane gas, which is extremely dangerous. Because butane gas can be volatile and cause large explosions, it is illegal to manufacture concentrates with this substance.

Is it Ever Legal to Manufacture Marijuana Concentrates?

The law only prohibits the manufacture of concentrates using hazardous substances. But, the problem is that the law does not include information on non-hazardous methods of extraction. Although not specifically mentioned in the law, certain extraction methods such as ice water extraction should not be considered dangerous since they do not involve any potentially hazardous substances. To play it safe, it’s best to purchase marijuana concentrates from a licensed retailer instead of attempting to make them on your own.

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