Motorcycle accident victims are often eager to find out how much their case is worth so they know whether or not they will be reimbursed for their expenses and compensated for their losses. Every case is unique, so the value of motorcycle accident claims can vary greatly. But, there are several factors that could affect the value of motorcycle accident claims.

The Severity of the Victim’s Injuries

Victims that sustain severe injuries in a motorcycle accident will typically be able to recover more compensation than victims who only sustained minor injuries. Some of the injuries that can significantly increase the value of your claim include head injuries, spinal cord damage, and loss of a limb. The at-fault party’s insurance company must generously compensate victims for these injuries since they are expensive to treat and can drastically affect the rest of the victim’s life.

Stereotypes About Motorcyclists

Some people think that all motorcyclists are irresponsible risk takers who love the thrill and danger of riding a motorcycle. This is an unfair stereotype that is certainly not true of the vast majority of motorcyclists, but it could affect the outcome of a motorcycle accident claim. If a case goes to trial, the jury may find it hard to put their own beliefs about motorcyclists aside. To avoid this problem, it’s important for a personal injury attorney to choose the members of the jury carefully to ensure none of them are biased.

Shared Liability

If the other party is 100% to blame for the accident, the victim will be awarded more compensation. However, if any of the liability falls on the victim, he will not be able to recover as much compensation.

For example, let’s say a victim is entitled to recover $100,000 for his injuries. If the other party was completely at fault for the accident, the victim will be awarded the full $100,000. But, if the other party was 80% responsible and the victim was 20% responsible, the compensation will be reduced by 20%. This means the victim will only be awarded $80,000 to account for the role that he played in the accident.

It’s important to understand if any of the liability falls on you so you know whether or not this will affect the amount of compensation that you are able to recover.

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