Personal injury victims often wonder whether it is in their best interests to settle with the at-fault party’s insurance company or take the case to court. Before making this decision, it’s best to learn about the costs of taking a personal injury case to court. Here’s a look at some of the most common expenses associated with a personal injury trial:

Attorney Fees

Personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means they are only paid if they are able to recover compensation for the victim. Instead of charging an hourly rate for their services, personal injury attorneys simply take a percentage of the compensation awarded to the victim. This means regardless of where a case is resolved, victims who are awarded compensation will need to pay attorney fees.

Expert Witness Fees

Expert witnesses are often used to support the victim’s case in personal injury cases. For example, an accident reconstruction expert may be needed to recreate a car accident and show the jury why the defendant is liable for the crash. Medical experts are also used to explain how a victim sustained a certain injury or how an injury will affect the victim’s future.

Unfortunately, these experts do not come cheap. The cost of hiring an expert witness can vary, but it can often be thousands of dollars.

Court Fees

There are a number of court costs that personal injury victims should expect when taking a case to trial. Filing a complaint with the court can cost several hundred dollars, for example. Plaintiffs may also want a copy of the in-court testimony, which will set them back another few dollars per page of the transcript. These expenses may not seem significant compared to others, but they can quickly add up.

Miscellaneous Expenses

There are also miscellaneous expenses that could arise when a personal injury case goes to trial. For instance, a personal injury attorney could plan on creating an elaborate visual aid to make it easier for the jury to understand how a car accident occurred. It shouldn’t cost much to create a visual aid, but it’s another expense that personal injury victims must keep in mind when deciding whether or not to take their case to trial.

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