No one questions how someone involved in a high-speed car accident suffered serious injuries. However, insurance companies may be skeptical if a victim claims to have suffered serious injuries in a low impact car accident. It may be hard to believe, but it’s true that victims can be seriously injured even if the cars are traveling at a low speed at the time of the collision.

The Force of a Low Impact Collision

A standard passenger vehicle weighs around 2,000 pounds. If a standard passenger vehicle collides with another vehicle while traveling 10 miles per hour, it can produce an impact force of about 3.7 tons. The impact force is even greater if the collision involves a larger vehicle, such as a truck or SUV. These cars weigh up to 3,000 pounds and are capable of producing an impact force of 5.6 tons when they collide with another car.

A car traveling at 10 miles per hour may not seem dangerous, but when you understand the force that these cars can produce during a collision, it’s easier to see how injuries occur.

Magnification of Acceleration

A number of car crash studies have revealed that rear-end low impact car accidents can cause serious injuries even if the car is barely moving at the time of the collision. This is because of a principle known as the magnification of acceleration. According to this principle, the passengers inside a vehicle will accelerate faster than their vehicle during a collision. As a result, the passengers absorb much of the force of the impact during a low speed collision. This principle explains why it is possible for passengers to sustain injuries even when the accident does not look serious.

Common Low Impact Car Accident Injuries

Soft tissue injuries in the neck and back are common in low impact car accidents. One of the most common types of soft tissue injuries is whiplash. This injury occurs when the force produced by the collision throws a passenger’s body forward. Seatbelts should hold the passenger’s body in place, but the passenger’s neck may be thrown forward and backward. This sudden movement often leads to pain and discomfort in the neck, back, and shoulders that can linger for days or weeks after the accident.

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