No one ever plans on being arrested for DUI, so many people aren’t prepared when it happens to them. Unfortunately, not being prepared can often lead these individuals to make mistakes that could affect the outcome of their case. Here are some of the most common DUI mistakes that all defendants should avoid:

Talking Too Much

Many DUI defendants panic and try to talk their way out of an arrest by apologizing to the police officer or explaining that they only had one drink. Don’t make this mistake. You have a right to remain silent—so use it! It’s important to realize that it is not possible to justify your decisions or talk your way out of being arrested for DUI. Stay quiet so you don’t say anything that can be used to prove your guilt later on.

Assuming Guilt

Most DUI defendants assume that if their blood or breath test results reveal they are intoxicated, they will automatically be convicted. But, this is not the case. Every defendant is presumed innocent until the prosecution is able to prove otherwise. There are a number of strategies that criminal defense attorneys use to defend their clients against these charges. Therefore, never plead guilty or admit that you are intoxicated simply because you feel it is your only choice.

Driving With A Suspended License

It can be incredibly inconvenient to have your license suspended. Not being able to drive makes it difficult to live your life, which is why many DUI defendants are tempted to get behind the wheel even though their license has been suspended. But, it’s best to resist this temptation. Driving with a suspended license can lead to additional penalties. Plus, this could be used in court to prove that you do not respect the law.

Not Hiring An Attorney

Every DUI defendant should be represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney. A DUI conviction can negatively impact your life in many ways, so you should do everything in your power to prove your innocence. Let an attorney protect your rights and fight to reach the best possible outcome in your case.

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