After a car accident, anyone who is injured has the right to file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company in order to recover compensation. The insurance company must compensate the victim for any expenses he has incurred or losses he has suffered as a result of the injuries caused by the company’s policyholder. But unfortunately, some insurance companies choose to reject the claim instead. If you are being denied compensation, it’s important to work with a personal injury attorney. Here’s how an attorney can help with denied car insurance claims:

Demand Answers

The insurance company must tell the claimant why the claim is being denied. But, some insurance companies don’t provide this information when informing the claimant of the denial. If this happens to you, an attorney can step in and demand answers from the insurance adjuster.

Gather Additional Evidence

Sometimes, a claim is denied is because the insurance company does not believe their policyholder is liable for the accident. Claims can also be denied if the insurance company does not believe the victim is injured or does not think the injuries were sustained in the accident. If your claim was denied for one of these reasons, a personal injury attorney can gather additional evidence that proves the insurance company wrong.

For example, let’s say the insurance company believes you were at fault for the accident. An attorney can interview witnesses, examine photos from the scene of the accident, and work with an accident reconstruction expert to obtain evidence that proves the other driver was to blame. This evidence may be enough to convince the insurance adjuster to reverse his decision on the claim.

Threaten Litigation

It’s possible that the insurance adjuster is denying the claim despite the fact that he knows it is valid simply because he thinks he can get away with it. Even if you threaten to take legal action, the insurance company will probably not take this threat seriously unless it is coming directly from an attorney. Your personal injury attorney will make it clear to the insurance adjuster that he will not get away with denying a legitimate claim. Insurance adjusters know that personal injury attorneys mean business, so a threat is often enough to convince them to either provide answers or reopen the claim.

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