Shopping Cart Injuries on the Rise


The study was conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and they found that there has been a significant rise in shopping cart injuries between 1990 and 2011—even though numerous shopping cart safety standards were implemented in 2004.

How did those injuries occur? 70.4% of the injured children fell from the shopping cart. Shopping cart collisions, tip overs, and limb entrapment also accounted for a large number of injuries each year. Of those children that were injured, an astonishing 78% sustained a head injury of some kind.



Even though safety standards have improved, shopping cart injuries are rising. This suggests the need for further safety standards to prevent tip overs and falls from occurring. Yet there is no need to wait for regulations and safety standards to be implemented. Parents can ensure their child’s safety by following these simple tips:



  • Always buckle or secure your child in the shopping cart. If the buckle is broken, get a new cart. Be sure your child is snuggly secured in the straps, much like a car seat.

  • Never allow your child to roam free in the basket of the shopping cart.

  • If possible, have your child sit in the seat that is closest to the ground. There are numerous ones now that come in car and rocket ship shapes and seat the child on ground level.

  • NEVER place an infant seat carrier on the top of the shopping cart. They are not meant to go there and infants have fallen and died from being placed on the top of the shopping cart.

  • If your child is too little to sit in the shopping cart seat properly, consider placing your infant in a front or back pack carrier or leave your child home with another adult if possible.

  • When you bring your shopping cart to the car, secure your children in their car seats before you remove the food from the grocery cart. This way, runaway-shopping carts won’t be running away with your child.

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