At some point in a slip and fall case, the defense attorney may ask you to attend a deposition, where you will be asked questions about the accident while under oath. A deposition does not take place in a courtroom, but it can still be intimidating for slip and fall victims. To make yourself more comfortable, it’s best to learn what questions to expect during a slip and fall deposition so you feel fully prepared. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What happened?

Slip and fall victims will be asked to describe the events leading up to the accident. The defense attorney will want to know every detail—no matter how small—about the accident. You may be asked detailed questions about what you were carrying, which foot slipped first, and which direction you were looking in when the accident occurred.

What were you wearing when the accident occurred?

A defense attorney will want to know exactly what you were wearing when the accident occurred. What kind of shoes did you have on? Were they difficult to walk in? Are they slip-proof? Were your pants too long? The answers to these questions can help the defense attorney determine if your clothing or footwear could have caused the accident.

Can you describe your medical history?

Slip and fall victims should expect to be asked a lot of questions about their medical history. The defense attorney may start out by asking something broad such as “Can you describe your medical history?” Then, he will get more specific by asking detailed questions regarding your healthcare providers, medical conditions, and history of injuries.

What injuries did you sustain in the accident?

Next, the defense attorney may move on to asking questions about the injuries that you sustained in the slip and fall accident. You may be asked dozens of follow-up questions about the symptoms that you experienced, the medical treatment you received, medical expenses, and your recovery.

Some of these questions can be fairly detailed, so it’s possible that you won’t know the answer off of the top of your head. If you don’t know the answer to a question, there’s nothing wrong with saying that you don’t know or remember. Admitting that you don’t have the answer is much better than making something up that can be used against you later on.

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