More Than 500 Homes Have Been Destroyed In The Black Forest Fire

While no details are being released, fire fighters do believe that the fire was started by humans. Additionally, they are taking a look at the garage where two people died in the fire, apparently while packing up to evacuate their home. Almost 40,000 people were ordered to leave their homes at one point as the fire consumed and burned over 14,000 acres near Colorado Springs. As the fire is nearly contained, high winds and dry heat have been challenging firefighters efforts to bring the fire to full containment.

Wildfire is one of the things that goes along with the beautiful scenery and mountain environment of Colorado. While fire is a natural and vital part of keeping our forests healthy, as more and more people live in or near forested areas, the danger to human life and homes from the fire season becomes greater and greater. The good news is that the cost in human life of wildfire has been minimal in recent years, the cost in property damage and lost homes has been extremely high. The bad news is that many Denver insurance bad faith lawyers have seen that sometimes when insurance claims reach high dollar values, insurance companies become hesitant to pay out the fair value of those claims. When you pay your premiums in good faith, you deserve to receive the full, fair value of your insurance claim.

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