Mike McCulloughMr. McCullough was born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Mr. McCullough, from an early age was never afraid to do hard work and started working in the steel mills. Prior to working in the steel mills, Mr. McCullough earned extra income by shoe shining in the local drinking establishments.  Sometimes it was dangerous, but it was always interesting.  Mr. McCullough changed course and joined the United State Marine Corps.  He went to boot camp at Marine Corps Recruiting Depot, San Diego. After graduation, he was stationed at Camp Pendleton California.  He achieved the rank of Sergeant.  Mr. McCullough was selected among thousands of Marine applicants who applied for the Marine Corps Enlisted Commission Program(MECEP). In 1986, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S Marine Corps, ultimately becoming an Intelligence Officer. While on active duty, Mr. McCullough served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield and served on the MEUSOC 24. Mr. McCullough achieved the rank of Captain with an Honorable Discharge 1991.

Mr. McCullough graduated from the University of Utah with Juris Doctorate degree and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 1996.

In 1996, Mr. McCullough began his career with the Fife Law Firm, where he ultimately became a partner and the firm was renamed to Fife and McCullough. In 2004, Mr. McCullough started the McCullough Group, focusing exclusively on criminal defense and has represented thousands of clients with cases from speedy trials to murder.

In all cases, Mr. McCullough has represented his clients zealously to protect his client’s rights against as often as necessary and opposing criminal justice system and has earned a reputation by prosecution as being tough and never afraid to fight for his clients including going to trial. Mr. McCullough has been referred to do trials for many firms who do little trial work.

Mr. McCullough carries with him today what he learned as a young Marine, hard work equals good results and mission accomplishment. Mr. McCullough has joined The Reisch Law Firm as Of Counsel and will continue to represent clients charged in criminal matters.