How to Prove Soft Tissue Injuries

How to Prove Soft Tissue Injuries

Personal injury plaintiffs must be able to prove they sustained injuries due to the defendant’s negligence. But, some injuries are more difficult to prove than others. Soft tissue injuries can be incredibly painful, but because they aren’t visible like a broken bone or open wound, they can also be harder to prove. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to recover compensation for soft tissue injuries, but it may be more difficult. Here’s how to prove soft tissue injuries in a personal injury claim:

Medical Records

You will need to be able to provide proof in the form of medical records if you have suffered soft tissue injuries. Make sure that you go to reputable doctors instead of those that practice alternative medicine. You can provide records from your chiropractor, but these should only be used to support the records you have from a physician. The medical records will show that you have been diagnosed and treated for a soft tissue injury, which will help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Expert Witnesses

Sometimes, an attorney may recommend hiring an expert witness who specializes in soft tissue damage. The expert witness can testify during your trial to provide more information on the extent of your injuries and the effect the injuries have had on the quality of your life. Expert witnesses can also be used to prove when the injuries actually occurred. This is important in cases where the insurance company is questioning whether you sustained the soft tissue injuries prior to the accident.

Prepare for Testimony

If your case goes to trial, the jury will get to decide whether they believe you have soft tissue injuries or not. Some jury members will take their opinion of you into consideration when deciding what they believe, which is why it’s important to make a good impression on the jury. Talk to your attorney before your trial begins so you can prepare to testify. If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people, the jury may interpret your nervousness as dishonesty. Work with your attorney to learn how you can get the jury to understand that you are telling the truth about your injuries.

Proving soft tissue injuries may be challenging, but it’s not impossible with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Reisch Law Firm today so we can begin building a convincing case to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation today by calling 303-291-0555 or filling out this online form.

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