Dangerous Premises Liability

  • Did you injure your hip slipping on a wet grocery store floor?
  • Did a landlord’s negligence cause you to injury yourself on his property?
  • Did poor parking lot lighting lead to your slip and fall injury?

If you were injured  on a private property – consult Westminster personal injury attorney today to check on your options!

Property Owner Liability in Colorado


Colorado property owners and landlords have a responsibility to maintain their property in a manner than minimizes the risk of injury to all visitors. This includes placing wet floor signs, doormats in entryways during snowy or rainy days, and ensuring that parking lots are safe and well lit. When a commercial property owner or resident fails to meet these expectations, dangerous accidents can occur, causing serious injury.

Colorado Property Owner Negligence


Dangerous premises liability accidents can result from a multitude of hazards, such as wet floors, falling merchandise, poor lighting, broken steps or handrails, exposed nails, or unsecured railings. Storeowners, commercial property owners, landlords, and even residential homeowners have a responsibility to maintain their property in order to prevent accidents from occurring. When a landlord or property owner is negligent, the injured party is entitled to compensation for injury-related costs and pain and suffering.

In addition to ensuring that their property is free from structural hazards, a landlord or property owner is also responsible for providing reasonable security measures. Security cameras, adequate parking lot lighting, and security guards are all examples of measures that should be taken to protect visitors and customers from criminal danger.

Who is Ultimately Responsible for Your Premises Liability Accident?


Not all accidents that occur on another person’s property are the fault of the property owner. The main issue involves the question of duty. Colorado law specifies that an owner owes a duty of care to invitees, licensees, and trespassers. While a property owner does owe a duty of care to all three, he owes the least amount to a trespasser.

For example:

Jim was riding his skateboard in an empty parking lot on a Sunday night when he was mugged and beaten. Since the store owners were not in business at that time and Jim was not a store patron, the owners would not owe a duty of care to Jim.

Types of Dangerous Premises Liability Accidents


Devastating premises liability accident injuries can occur in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Slippery or wet stairs
  • Snow covered parking lots
  • Broken stairs, steps, or railings
  • Falling objects
  • Debris
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Dog bites
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Construction equipment accidents
  • Criminal attacks due to inadequate security or lighting
  • And more

Colorado Premises Liability Attorneys


If you or someone you love has been injured on a commercial property or in a residential home in Westminster, Denver or elsewhere in Colorado, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. An experienced Westminster property injury attorney will review your case closely to determine if you have cause to file a claim.

At Reisch Law Firm, our Westminster premises liability attorneys know how devastating these injuries can be. As such, we fight aggressively to ensure you’re you receive the compensation you need to fully recover. We hold negligent businesses and property owners accountable. Contact the Colorado personal injury attorneys at Reisch Law Firm today at (303) 291-0555 for a FREE CONSULTATION.