Aviation Accidents

The results of aviation accidents are usually devastating. Rarely do you hear who helps the families of those whose lives were cut so tragically short. The aviation accidents attorneys at Reisch Law Firm care about the survivors who have had their lives changed forever. The Reisch Law Firm can investigate and bring justice to families and survivors in cases involving commercial airliners, helicopters, small planes, and seaplanes.

Investigating Aviation Accidents


Aviation disaster cases are complex and difficult. However, our knowledge of flight procedures and protocols, flight control practices, and Federal agency investigative procedures helps us cut through the technicalities and seek the truth and to pursue justice for innocent victims and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Reisch’s Aviation Experience Advantage


Mr. Reisch is an active pilot with multi-engine and instrument ratings. He flies his aircraft to courts across Colorado and the country to represent clients. This experience gives us additional insight into strategies for successful litigation or advantageous settlements. What’s more, our firm has the tenacity to pursue your case against the most powerful, well-funded corporations. Our passion for justice is matched by the resources to see a case through to resolution







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