There are two main categories of damages that may be awarded to a personal injury victim: economic and non-economic. The former compensates the victim for expenses he has incurred or losses he has suffered as a result of the accident. Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are awarded to victims who have experienced pain and suffering due to their injuries. Any personal injury victim who has medical expenses or lost wages should ask for economic damages. But, when is it appropriate to ask for pain and suffering damages?

The Emotional and Physical Effects of the Injury

To determine if you deserve pain and suffering damages, think about how the injury has affected your emotional and physical state. Many people who are seriously injured experience depression, anxiety, or drastic mood swings after an accident. These are all examples of how victims suffer emotionally as a result of their injuries, and they deserve to be compensated for this indescribable pain.

Of course, injuries can also cause a great deal of physical pain. Victims who had to live in pain due to their injuries should be compensated for their discomfort.

Sometimes, the victim experiences temporary or permanent physical limitations due to the injury. For example, a victim with an amputated limb may find it difficult to participate in many of the activities he loved prior to the accident. Since this physical limitation is affecting the quality of the victim’s life, he should be compensated for his suffering.

If you are experiencing this type of emotional or physical pain, it’s a good idea to talk to an attorney about recovering non-economic damages.

Documentation to Prove Injuries

Insurance companies will need to see proof of your injuries before they can even think about offering compensation for your pain and suffering. The documentation that you provide to the insurance company should not only show that the injuries exist, but also that they are severe enough to cause you pain or suffering.

Examples of documentation that can be provided to support this claim include medical records and written statements from doctors. It’s also recommended that personal injury victims keep injury journals so they have a place to record the symptoms they experience on a daily basis.

Personal injury victims who are experiencing physical and emotional pain and have the documentation to prove it will most likely be able to recover compensation for their pain and suffering.

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